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What is a biography?
a) a story about a real event in a newspaper
b) a story about someone's life
c) a poem
d) an ancient story that teaches a moral

What is a myth?
a) a newspaper article
b) a story about someone's life
c) a poem
d) an ancient story that teaches a moral

What is a moral?
a) a lesson about life
b) a fact about a story
c) a character trait
d) a poem

What is an event?
a) a character trait
b) a detail
c) something that happened in a person's life
d) something that is not real

Words that sound that same at the end ______. .
a) rhyme
b) free verse
c) poem
d) alliteration

Poems that do not rhyme are called _______.
a) rhyme
b) nonfiction
c) free verse
d) fiction

A comparison that uses the words 'like' or 'as' is a _____.
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) personification
d) detail

A character trait is a ________ of a person.
a) physical description
b) person in a story
c) moral
d) characteristic

The main idea of a text is the ________.
a) most important point
b) least important idea
c) specific events
d) little details

A compound words is _______
a) a type of figurative language
b) two words joined together to make a new word
c) a sentence
d) a past tense verb

Which of the following is a compound word?
a) book bag
b) walked
c) backpack
d) computer

Which of the following is an opinion?
a) Elephants are animals.
b) I think elephants are the smartest animals.
c) Elephants are one of the biggest land mammals.
d) Elephants live in Africa.

Which of the following is a fact?
a) Berkmar High School is the best school.
b) Classes are too difficult.
c) I believe students need more time for lunch.
d) The population of Berkmar High School is 3,337.

The building is as big as a city.
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) rhyme
d) poem

Which of the following is a trait?
a) friendly
b) dress
c) shoes
d) book

A prediction is a guess about the ________.
a) past
b) present
c) history
d) future

A poem is divided into __________.
a) paragraphs
b) lines
c) pages
d) sentences

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