Measurement To Force Question Preview (ID: 1684)

Questions On Measurement, The SI Units, Speed, And Force.

The SI prefix that means 1,000,000 is:
a) milli
b) mega
c) micro
d) giga

The SI prefix that means 0.000,000,001 is:
a) yotta
b) nano
c) pico
d) mega

If you timed someone as they ran 50 m, and it took 10s, what was their average speed (v)?
a) 500 m/s
b) 0.2 m/s
c) 5 m/s
d) 5 m

Imagine there are two runners. Runner #1 runs 50m in 10s, and Runner #2 runs 500m in 50s. Which runner had a higher average velocity?
a) Runner #1
b) There is not enough information to solve this
c) They had equal velocities
d) Runner #2

Which of the following measurements you would need to take to determine the speed at which your hair grows?
a) Time
b) some other measurement
c) Time AND Length of Hair
d) Length of Hair

A plane will fly in level flight when gravity _____________ lift
a) is equal to
b) in the same direction as
c) is less than
d) is more than

An object which is not moving has
a) no forces acting on it
b) no gravity
c) a surface pressing on it
d) balanced forces acting on it

A force is
a) A push or a pull
b) Always in one direction
c) Something which accelerates an object
d) Very large

Which of the following is NOT a simple machine
a) Door
b) Lever
c) Wheel and axle
d) Screw

Which of the following is a Metric (SI) unit?
a) Foot
b) Meter
c) Inch
d) Yard

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