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Elements in the same _______________ have similar chemical properties.
a) rows or periods
b) metal
c) section
d) columns or groups

If an element's atomic number is 17, this means that element has
a) 17 protons in the nucleus
b) 17 electons in the nucleus
c) 17 ways to exist
d) 17 places on the periodic table

A scientist knows that a pure substance has six protons in the nucleus of each of its atoms. Which of the following can the scientist conclude?
a) The pure substance can be identified as a specific element
b) the pure substance can be identified as a metal
c) the pure substance has a positive charge
d) the pure substance has a negative charge

A sample of an element is brittle and a poor conductor of heat. It cannot be hammered into sheets. Which type of element is the student most likely observing?
a) metal
b) aurum
c) nonmetal
d) metalloid

What particle in an atom's nucleus has no charge?
a) proton
b) neutron
c) electron

What is contained in the electron cloud?
a) electrons and a lot of empty space
b) electrons and a little empty space
c) electrons and protons
d) electrons and neutrons

Which of the following types of elements touch the zig-zag line in the periodic table?
a) actinides
b) lanthanides
c) nonmetals
d) metalloids

Soup is an example of
a) compound
b) solution
c) mixture
d) element

Which of the following is a compound?
a) carbon
b) chlorine
c) sodium chloride
d) sodium

Where are the nonmetals located on the periodic table?
a) left side
b) right side
c) along the zig zag line
d) at the bottom

A property of bases is that
a) it turns litmus paper red
b) it tastes sour
c) it reacts strongly with some metals to form new compounds
d) it feels slippery and has a bitter taste

Which of the following is a mixture that appears to be a single substance?
a) compound
b) concentration
c) element
d) solution

Which of the following is a substance composed of two or more elements that are chemically combined?
a) compound
b) mixture
c) solution
d) solvent

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