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A book keeps its shape and volume when it is moved from one bag on another. A book is a(n)
a) gas
b) liquid
c) metal
d) solid

Wood floats because it has
a) bouyancy.
b) density.
c) gravity.
d) mass.

When helium is moved from a tank to a balloon, its shape and volume change. Helium is a
a) gas
b) liquid
c) metalloid
d) solid

All matter has
a) mass and area.
b) mass and volume.
c) state and area.
d) weight and volume.

Which is not a state of matter?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) goo

Smell, color, texture, hardness, and shape are all examples of
a) density
b) mass
c) matter
d) properties

Which of these best describes the physical properties of matter?
a) All matter has density and volume
b) Most matter has mass, state, and area.
c) All matter has mass, volume, and state.
d) Most matter has volume and form.

What might happen to a solid with a melting point of 100 degrees if it were dropped in boiling water?
a) It would turn into a gas.
b) It would melt.
c) It would sink.
d) It would float.

A canoe floats because of
a) buoyancy
b) gas
c) liquid
d) mass

A large rock has more matter than a small rock, so the large rock has more
a) buoyancy
b) gas
c) liquid
d) mass

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