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During cytokinesis in plant cell,
a) the cell wall breaks
b) a cell plate forms, and the cell splits in two.
c) the cell loses some of its DNA
d) a cell plate form inside the two new cells.

The life stages of a cell
a) cell cycle
b) cytokinesis
c) mitosis

The process of cell division that form two nuclei
a) homologous chromosomes
b) cytokinesis
c) mitosis

Cells need to produce new cells in order to
a) replace cells that have died.
b) rekease energy from food.
c) obtain energy from sunlight.
d) create new chromosomes.

Organelles and chromosomes are copied during
a) the second stage of eukaryotic cell cycle.
b) cytokinesis.
c) the first stage of eukaroyotic cell cycle.
d) the third stageof eukaryotic cell cycle.

The division of cytoplasm
a) mitosis
b) chromotids
c) cytokinesis

Pairs of similar
a) centreme
b) homologous chromosomes
c) interphase

The structure in which DNA, the hereditary material that controls cell activities, can be founds
a) mitosis
b) chromosomes
c) telephase

Humans have _________ chromosomes.
a) 23
b) 46

The center of the cell can be described as the
a) equator
b) poles

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