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Who are people who owe money?
a) Creditors
b) Debtors
c) Banks
d) Pilgrims

What were the civilian towns of New Spain?
a) Presidios
b) Missions
c) Pueblos
d) Villages

What is a government in which people elect officials to represent them?
a) Representative
b) Democracy
c) Dictatorship
d) Monarchy

What is the line that separates the North and the South in America?
a) Line of Demarcation
b) Mason-Dixon Line
c) Proclomation Line
d) 38th Parallel

Who was put on trial and banished in Mass. Bay for claiming to have spoken to God and questioned Puritan belief?
a) John Winthrop
b) Roger Wiliams
c) Thomas Hooker
d) Ann Hutchinson

Who founded Rhode Island on the idea of religious toleration?
a) Rogers Clark
b) Roger Williams
c) Rogers-Cromartie
d) Jason Cartaret

What is something that impacted the Jamestown colony?
a) Starvation
b) General Laziness
c) Diseases
d) All

Which colony was established as a safe haven for debtors?
a) Pennsylvania
b) New Jersey
c) All
d) Georgia

Which colony was known as the lost colony?
a) Roanoke
b) Jamestown
c) Rhode Island
d) Georgia

Who rebelled against the Virginia government and fought with the Native Americans?
a) Washington
b) Bacon
c) Franklin
d) Jefferson

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