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I went to the mall ___________buy _______shirts
a) two, to
b) to, two
c) too, too
d) to,to

Where does a comma go when you see an AAWWUUBIS word at the beginning of a sentence?
a) Right after the AAWWUUBIS word.
b) there is no comma
c) Right after the first dependent clause
d) the location changes

Which of the following is used to show a list
a) :
b) ;
c) .
d) ,

Which of the following is the most expressive way to replace said
a) whispered
b) told
c) talked
d) exclaimed

which of the following should always be capitalized
a) Day and school subjects
b) Days and months
c) pronouns and verbs
d) months and pronouns

A 4 on the rubric has which of the following?
a) an engaging hook
b) compelling word choice
c) well-organized paragraphs
d) all of the above

A hyphen is used to
a) combine a word from one line to the next
b) combine two words into one
c) a and b
d) none of the above

which of the of the following best describes a fragment?
a) a complete sentence
b) a dependent clause
c) a paragraph
d) none of the above

30. Name the verb in the following sentence: Cesar reaches for his pen.
a) Cesar
b) his
c) reaches
d) for

4. Which of the following words should NOT be capitalized?
a) Ms. Cavazos
b) President Obama
c) American
d) Writing Teacher

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