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The cat sat on the table.
a) sat
b) on
c) table
d) cat

He lives just beyond the hill.
a) beyond
b) just
c) he
d) lives

Can you put the dishes in the dishwasher?
a) dishwasher
b) put
c) can
d) in

My mom lives around the Canton area.
a) around
b) mom
c) lives
d) the

You must go through the woods to get to the house.
a) must
b) through
c) go
d) you

The scientist lived among the gorillas.
a) scientist
b) gorillas
c) the
d) among

You must go past the grocery store to get to my house.
a) must
b) go
c) past
d) grocery store

Please sit by your partner.
a) by
b) your
c) partner
d) please

My mom made me clean around the toilet.
a) made
b) me
c) clean
d) around

Please don't talk during the movie.
a) during
b) movie
c) talk
d) don't

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