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What is the definition of an expository essay?
a) An essay where you tell a true story about yourself
b) An essay about how to do something
c) An essay where you explain what you believe
d) An essay where you explain what someone else believes

What is the best explanation of an independent clause
a) A fragment
b) A complete sentence
c) A group of words
d) An incomplete sentence

Which prompt could you see on the IA if they want you to write an expository essay?
a) Write about a time when you were shocked.
b) Write an essay about the country of New Zealand.
c) Write a story about a man who travels to Mars.
d) Write an essay about whether it's better to get an allowance or earn your money on your own.

What is one thing you want to remember NOT to do on your essays?
a) Have paragraphs as part of your essays.
b) Write outside the composition box.
c) Check your spelling before writing a final draft.
d) Use your best handwriting.

Whic one of these statements is a DEPENDENT clause?
a) You are awesome at basketball
b) Even though you are short
c) Black Friday is awesome
d) My foot hurts

Which answer choice correctly uses a hyphen?
a) A mountain shaped asteroid-is hurtling towards Earth.
b) A mountain shaped-asteroid is hurtling towards Earth.
c) A mountain-shaped asteroid is hurtling towards Earth.
d) A mountain shaped asteroid is hurtling towards-Earth.

Which sentence begins with an AAAWWUBBIS word?
a) Due to the large crowd, we had to wait for hours.
b) Because you are my friend, you can get in line ahead of me.
c) I really want that video game.
d) And finally, it's time for Thanksgiving.

What is the most important thing to remember before the test?
a) There are a lot of people in my life who support me and want me to succeed.
b) As long as I do my absolute best, I am successful.
c) Mr. Nichols and Ms. Cavazos are always here to help you when you need it.
d) All of the above!

Which sentence is written in third person point of view?
a) Scientists are exploring the deep ocean.
b) I want to be a scientist.
c) You want to go swimming in the ocean.
d) My family loves the beach.

What should you do if a question asks you about the controlling idea of a passage?
a) Read only the last paragraph of the passage.
b) Read only the last paragraph of the passage.
c) Select the longest answer.
d) Read the entire passage and put main ideas next to the paragraphs.

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