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Which of the following statements is not true about European nations and the American colonies in the 16 and 1700\'s?
a) colonists often smuggled goods into the Americas to avoid high prices
b) Colonies were required to send raw materials to their mother country to be turned in to manufactured goods
c) European countries allowed their colonies to practice free trade
d) European nations forced their colonies to buy manufactured goods only from the mother country

Which French king built the palace of Versailles?
a) Louis X
b) George I
c) Louis XIV
d) Henry IV

Which of the following was not a common source of conflict between the nations of Western Europe in the 1600's?
a) competition over overseas colonies
b) religious differences between Catholic and Protestant countries
c) political differences between democratic and communist countries
d) competition over European territory

What kind of government was most common in Europe during the Age of Absolutism?
a) monarchy
b) democracy
c) oligarchy
d) anarchy

Which of the following best describes why James II of England was overthrown during the Glorious Revolution?
a) He would not sign the Bill of Rights
b) He married a German princess
c) He openly practiced Catholicism
d) He was a Protestant

During his reign, Charles V faced the major challenge of
a) attacks by Mongols
b) fighting wars to suppress Catholic uprisings
c) completing the Reconquista
d) controlling his extremely large empire

Which absolute monarch westernized Russia?
a) Peter the Great
b) Maria Teresa
c) Frederick the Great
d) Catherine the Great

Peter the Great built _________________ on the land he won from Sweden in the Great Northern War.
a) Oxford College
b) the Transcontinental Railroad
c) the palace of Versailles
d) his new capital, St. Petersburg

Who was Phillip II of Spain's chief Protestant enemy in Europe?
a) Elizabeth I of England
b) Marie Antoinette of France
c) Louis XIV of France
d) Maria Theresa of Austria

Spain's power began declining after
a) the expulsion of Spanish Protestants from southern Spain
b) Philip I's centralization of royal power
c) the defeat of the Spanish Armada by the English
d) the victory of the Turks over the Spanish at Lepanto

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