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Wha do you click on to open the main menu on the desktop?
a) start
b) recycle bin
c) print
d) power supply

Where on the menu would you type the applicationn you are searching for?
a) Start
b) Search box
c) Login
d) Password

In MS Word, where would you click to print?
a) File-Save
b) File-Save as
c) Page layout
d) File-print

Where in MS Word woould you find your fonts?
a) Page layout
b) Design
c) Home
d) Review

Where in MS Word would you find you page borders?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Page layout
d) Print

Where in MS Word would you insert clip art from?
a) Page layout
b) Insert
c) View
d) Review

Where is MS Word would you find save?
a) File-save
b) review
c) view
d) print layout

Where in MS Power Point would you find new slide?
a) Home
b) Design
c) Animation
d) Transitition

If you want to add effects in between slides where would you go?
a) Animation
b) Transitition
c) Design
d) Slide Show

Where do you go to run your Slide Show?
a) View
b) Preview
c) Home
d) Slide Show

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