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Where does David take Kristin after the dance?
a) The fountain
b) The park
c) The quarry
d) Bran's house

What does Bran do after school everyday?
a) Picks up the twins
b) Goes to the library
c) Goes to the quarry
d) Goes to his part-time job

Joseph Collier is an accused serial killer from where?
a) New York
b) New Jersey
c) Vermont
d) Pennsylvania

Who is Kristin's boyfriend?
a) Nick
b) Bran
c) David
d) Jerry

Molly proves she is a real friend to David by letting him borrow what?
a) her car
b) her camera
c) her cell phone
d) her computer

What town/state does the story take place in?
a) Edgewood, NJ
b) Ridgewood, NY
c) Brentwood, CT
d) Peaksville, VT

Who is the leader of the bullies?
a) Matt Singleton
b) Jerry Ritoni
c) Gordon Krosky
d) Nick Bruno

What sport does David participate in?
a) Basketball
b) Tennis
c) Archery
d) Cross country

Bran has all of the following EXCEPT what?
a) earring
b) tattoo
c) lazy eye
d) ponytail

Who has the nickname Goblin Girl?
a) Bran
b) Kristen
c) Molly
d) David

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