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A change in matter that produces new substances is called a
a) chemical reaction
b) physical change
c) mixture
d) solution

which of the following cannot be used to put out a small fire?
a) Water
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Oxygen
d) Baking Soda

A number that is written smaller and lower than the letter symbols in a chemical formula and that shows how many atoms of a substance are in a molecule is called
a) coefficient
b) subscript
c) element
d) superscript

The rate of reaction can be decreased by increasing
a) temperature
b) surface area
c) concentration of reactants
d) amount of inhibitor

In a balanced equation, both sides should have the same
a) number of molecules
b) number of atoms
c) number of coefficients
d) number of subscripts

If a reaction absorbs energy, it is called
a) a replacement reaction
b) a decomposition reaction
c) an endothermic reaction
d) an exothermic reaction

When two or more substances combine to form a complex compound this process is called
a) a decomposition reaction
b) synthesis reaction
c) replacement reaction
d) physical change

The number in front of a chemical formula that tells how many molecules or atoms of each reactant take part in a reaction is called
a) symbol
b) subscript
c) concentration
d) coefficient

Which of the following is not evidence of a chemical reaction
a) production of gas
b) production of a new substance
c) formation of ice crystals
d) change in color

In a chemical reaction, the sum of the masses of the products is equal to the sum of the
a) coefficients
b) subscripts
c) atoms in the equation
d) masses of the reactants

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