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Important Trivia On The Age Of Absolutism. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

William and Mary came to power as a result of the
a) English Civil War
b) Thrity Years War
c) Defenestration of Prague
d) Glorious Revolution

Louis XIV's palace at ___________ became a symbol of his absolute power and wealth
a) Paris
b) Fronde
c) Versailles
d) Prague

___________ was the leader of the Roundheads during the English Civil War.
a) Charles I
b) Robespierre
c) Oliver Cromwell
d) Cardinal Mazarin

Absolute monarchs justified their power through the principle of
a) the mandate of heaven
b) divine right
c) quid pro quo
d) mercantalism

Which English king was executed by Parliament at the end of the English Civil War
a) Charles I
b) James I
c) Charles II
d) James II

Philip II of Spain believed that it was his duty to
a) defend Catholicism
b) make peace with England
c) end the Inquisition
d) partition Poland

Who wrote Don Quixote?
a) El Greco
b) Miguel de Cervantes
c) El Cid
d) Dante

The Siglo de Oro was
a) Spain's golden age
b) Spain's century of violence
c) Spain's political revolution
d) Spain's independence day

How did absolute monarch's gain power?
a) they were elected by the people
b) they inherited it
c) they were chosen by nobles
d) they were chosen by God

The Thirty Years War
a) began in Prussia
b) was fought between Protestants and Muslims
c) led to the union of France and Spain
d) began locally, but eventually became a general European War

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