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1. What Kingdom would you classify a one celled eukaryotic organism containing cellulose in its cell walls?
a) Plantae
b) Protista
c) Fungi
d) Animalia

What type of field guide would be the most helpful in finding the scientific name of an organism?
a) encyclopedia with phylum names only
b) Aristotle System
c) dichotomous key
d) encyclopedia with species names only

When making a dichotomous key you need to use physical characteristics like it looks like a heart or it looks like a star. What would be a good question that would have the looks like answers?
a) How far away is it found?
b) What size is it?
c) What type of organism is it?
d) What is the shape of its leaves?

Scientific names of organisms consist of _________.
a) genus and specific name (species)
b) order and family
c) family and genus
d) class and order

Two organisms that are classified in the same class must also be classified in the same ___________.
a) family
b) species
c) phylum
d) genus

To solve problems, scientists follow a series of steps called _______.
a) scientific method
b) a dichotomous key
c) classifications
d) systems or units

The classification system most commonly separate organisms into ____ kingdom
a) 5
b) 3
c) 8
d) 6

What is the first name of an organisms scientific name is the _______.
a) species
b) genus
c) family
d) order

Frogs and fish are both classified as ___________.
a) amphibians
b) vertebrates
c) fish
d) invertebrates

A group of organs working together is a(n) ______________.
a) organ system
b) tissue
c) organ
d) organisms

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