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Which phrase is directly associated with the American colonists' reaction to the Stamp Act?
a) live free or die
b) all men are created equal
c) life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
d) no taxation without representation

What was one consequence of the colonists' participation in the Boston Tea Party?
a) The colonists outlawed quartering in Boston.
b) The British enacted the Townshend Acts.
c) The colonists formed the Sons of Liberty.
d) The British blockaded Boston Harbor.

During the American Revolution, early battles were fought in the northern colonies. After 1779, many battles were fought in the South. Why was there a shift in the location of battles during the American Revolution?
a) The southern colonies had more loyalists willing to help the British cause.
b) Major ports and cities in the northern colonies were already under British control by 1779.
c) The British did not want to interfere with the production of cotton on southern plantations.
d) The southern ports were more welcoming of British fleets than places like New York and Boston.

Which fundamental political idea is expressed in the Declaration of Independence?
a) If the government denies its people certain basic rights, that government can be overthrown.
b) The government should guarantee every citizen economic security.
c) The central government and the state government should have equal power.
d) Rulers derive their rights to govern from God and are, therefore, bound to govern in the nation's best interest.

The pamphlet Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, aided the American cause in the Revolutionary War because it
a) convinced France to join in the fight against England.
b) led to the repeal of the Stamp Act.
c) created a new system of government for the United States.
d) persuaded individuals who were undecided to support independence.

Which factor had a significant impact on the outcome of the American Revolution?
a) Colonial soldiers had access to better weaponry.
b) The British Navy lost control of the Great Lakes.
c) Colonial soldiers were defending their homes.
d) The Colonial Navy controlled the seas.

During the American Revolution, the states began adopting state constitutions. What was included in many state constitutions as a result of the colonists' experiences under British rule?
a) restrictions on the powers of governors
b) limitations on popular sovereignty
c) abolishing the quartering of soldiers
d) . prohibitions on taxing citizens

What was one important effect of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
a) . It led to the French and Indian War.
b) It outlawed slavery in the Northwest Territory.
c) It allowed American Indians to settle in the Northwest Territory.
d) It allowed for the purchase of the Northwest Territory from Canada.

How were African-Americans impacted by the ideals of the American Revolution.
a) Some gained freedom by fighting in the war, others as a result of new state constitutions in the north.
b) Some enjoyed slavery and wanted things to stay the same.
c) Some became leaders of the new government
d) Some became frontiersmen in the west.

Which of the following were reasons why the American colonists chose to declare independence from Great Britain.
a) taxation without representation, quartering troops in colonial houses without permission, and denial of right to trial
b) taxation without representation, too much freedom, not enough soldiers, blockades
c) taxation without represenation, quartering of British troops, and fair trials
d) taxation without representation, inability to settle in the west, blockade of the ports and just and fair trials

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