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Oceans And Climate.[print questions]

What are surface currents formed by?
a) global winds
b) the sun's gravity
c) the moon's gravity
d) water density

streamlike movements of the water that occur near the surface of the ocean are called?
a) jet currents
b) deep currents
c) density currents
d) surface currents

streamlike movements of ocean water far below the surface are called?
a) jet currents
b) density currents
c) surface currents
d) coriolis currents

Deep currents are formed by
a) cold and salty water
b) from underwater volcanic eruptions
c) global winds
d) the equator

Which of the following does not control surface currents?
a) global winds
b) coriolis effect
c) tides
d) continental deflections

Which of the following is an example of a surface current?
a) North Atlantic Deep Water
b) Antarctic Circumpolar current
c) coriolis current
d) the Gulf stream

Where is the Gulf Stream located?
a) off the coast of Florida
b) Pacific ocean
c) Indian ocean
d) off the coast of California

What is the main difference between a surface current and a density current?
a) surface is on the top of the ocean; density current is in the bottom of the ocean
b) surface currents are only warm currents and density currents are cool currents
c) density currents occur at the top of the ocean; surface currents above the ocean
d) none of the above

Which of the following is an example of a density current?
a) California current
b) Gulf Stream
c) North Atlantic Deep water
d) Eastern Australian Current

How do ocean currents effect the climate?
a) they make the climate cooler
b) they make the climate warmer
c) warm currents bring wamer climate; cool currents bring cooler climate
d) they have no effect on the climate

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