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Why is John Holbrook going to Wethersfield?
a) to visit family
b) to study with Reverend Bulkley
c) to find a bride
d) to built a home

Why does Kit leave Barbados?
a) she was tired of the sunny days
b) she wanted to come to America
c) she wanted to see snow
d) her grandfather died and she had no more money

How is kit different than other people in Wethersfield?
a) she is a Puritan
b) she wears plain clothes
c) she can read, write, and dresses nicely
d) she goes to church every Sunday

Why is Kit going to Wethersfield?
a) to live with her family
b) to visit her boyfriend
c) to worship at the church
d) to become a Puritan

Why does Kit's rescue of the doll cause suspicion in the other passengers?
a) the water was so cold
b) she couldn't swim
c) Nat had to save her
d) only witches know how to swim

Who is Nathaniel Eaton?
a) a boy from Barbados
b) the captain's son
c) a slave
d) a well-educated man

How does Kit feel upon seeing American and then landing in Wethersfield?
a) excited
b) happy
c) disappointed
d) afraid

Where is Kit from?
a) Barbados
b) Wethersfield
c) Connecticut
d) New York

Who are Mercy and Judith?
a) Kit's cousin
b) Kit's sister
c) Kit's aunts
d) Kit's friend

What word would you use to describe Matthew?
a) happy
b) friendly
c) talkitive
d) strick

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