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Auxin controls a plant's response to light by ____________ the rate at which some cells grow
a) maintaining
b) speeding up
c) stopping
d) slowing down

Stamens are the _______ reproductive parts of flowers.
a) nonvascular
b) female
c) monocot
d) male

A conifer is a kind of ______________
a) gymnosperm
b) bog
c) fern
d) angiosperm

Stomata open and close to control the flow of _________.
a) gases
b) water
c) sunlight
d) dicot

All seed plants have __________ tissue and produce seeds.
a) nonvascular
b) cambium
c) vascular
d) dicot

A seed develops from a fertilized
a) liverwort
b) cambium
c) ovule
d) stomata

Plants that produce seeds enclosed in a fruit are called
a) gymnosperms
b) angiosperms
c) sporophytes
d) cycads

Pollen is produced by _________ cones
a) male
b) pretty
c) female
d) glittering

Gymnosperms have neither flowers nor
a) roots
b) stems
c) leaves
d) fruit

Seed plants do NOT all have the following
a) leaves
b) fronds
c) stems
d) roots

A plant that has a two year life cycle is called a(n)
a) annual
b) biennial
c) perennial
d) cambium

An example of positive phototropism is
a) a stem growing upward
b) roots growing downward
c) a plant wilting in the sun
d) flowers growing to face the sun

a) protect the developing flowers
b) attract insects
c) produce pollen
d) produce ovaries

Once a female cone is pollinated, the cone:
a) shrinks
b) moves to a lower branch
c) falls off the tree
d) closes its scales

Pollination is the transfer of pollen from:
a) female to male reproductive structures
b) male to female reproductive structures
c) ovaries to sepals
d) filaments to stamens

The four types of gymnosperms do NOT include:
a) ginkoes
b) gnetophytes
c) stamens
d) cycads

A plant with needlelike leaves is a(n)
a) gymnosperm
b) angiosperm
c) monocot
d) dicot

The process by which plants lose water through their leaves is
a) transpiration
b) absorption
c) germination
d) pollination

Leaves perform all of the following, EXCEPT
a) capture energy from the sun
b) make food
c) release carbon dioxide
d) produce seeds

The vascular tissue through which food travels from the leaves to the stems and roots is called:
a) xylem
b) phloem
c) cotyledon
d) stomata

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