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What awful paradox faced America in 1860?
a) continuous war
b) growing industrial system
c) 8 not so great presidents
d) slavery in a nation based on freedom and equality

What was the purpose of American colonization movement
a) armed revolt against slaveholders
b) return African Americans to Africa
c) pass laws to abolish slavery
d) raise funds to buy slaves and set them free

What caused the rapid growth of slavery in the U.S.
a) addition of 12 new slave states
b) invention of cotton gin
c) forced immigration of Africans to America
d) need for factory workers in the South

What was cotton called KING in the South?
a) kings and queens wear clothes made of cotton
b) cotton was most profitable crop
c) southern factories produced the most cotton
d) cotton increased the legal slave trade after 1808

What did Robert Carter III, richest planter in Va. do?
a) founded the abolitionist movement in the South
b) became president of the African Colonization Society
c) freed all those enslaved on his plantation
d) led a slave rebellion

What did abolotionists want?
a) to send all Afican Americans back to Africa
b) to end slavery
c) to end the slave trade but allow slavery
d) to sell free blacks to plantation owners

African American escaped slavery and spoke out against slavery
a) Nat Turner
b) William Lloyd Garrison
c) Elizabeth Freeman
d) Frederick Douglas

How did William Lloyd Garrison work to end slavery ?
a) He published abolitionist newspaper
b) Free all slaves on his plantation
c) Lectured Southern slave holders
d) Raised an army to free enslaved persons

How did Missouri Compromise keep number of slave and free states equal?
a) Missouri is slave state , Maine is free state
b) Missouri is free state, Maine is slave state
c) Missouri is slave state, Texas is free state
d) Missouri is free state, Texas is slave state

How did Vice President John Tyler become the first ACCIDENTAL president?
a) President Harrison was badly hurt
b) President Harrison died of pneumonia
c) President Harrison lost the election
d) President Harrison retired because of bad health

What is a dark horse candidate?
a) political leader who is never elected
b) political leader who is unpopular
c) political leader who always ridea a black or brown horse
d) political leader whose abilities and chances of winning are not known

What state joined the Union as a result of the Mexican War?
a) Maine
b) Missouri
c) Texas
d) Tennessee

What 3 important senators made up a triumvirate?
a) Forten, Calhoun, Van Buren
b) Calhoun, Webster, Clay
c) Van Buren, Webster, Clay
d) Forten, Clay, Webster

a) Calhoun
b) Van Buren
c) Clay
d) Webster

Senator from South Carolina who wanted states rights
a) Calhoun
b) Clay
c) Douglass
d) Garrison

Great orator and Northern senator defended the union
a) Webster
b) Calhoun
c) Hayne
d) Adams

What is secession?
a) Allowing vice presidents to succeed presidents
b) leaving the union and forming your own nation
c) arguing for states rights
d) making it unlawful to own slaves

What did Webster say when a southerner said LIBERTY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE UNION
a) Liberty and union were inseperable
b) liberty and states rights were inseperable
c) liberty depended on freeing the slaves
d) union would continue even if states seceded

Which of the following is NOT part of the doctrine of states' rights?
a) states hold ultimate, sovereign power
b) states decide if a law is constitutional
c) states are more powerful then the federal government
d) states decide if they will allow slavery

What did Congress abolish in 1808?
a) the slave trade
b) slavery
c) the secession of states
d) slavery in new states

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