Spelling And Using Sight Words In Context Question Preview (ID: 16784)

A Combination Of Spelling And Context Clues Practice For Simple Sight Words.

Who _____________ at your house last night?
a) was
b) whas
c) with
d) when

I am running ______ fast as I can!
a) as
b) ask
c) this
d) how

I went to the store ____________ my mother.
a) with
b) when
c) width
d) wife

_____________ is your name?
a) what
b) weat
c) who
d) that

Where __________ you yestrday? We missed you.
a) were
b) wear
c) are
d) was

_________ do you make these cookies?
a) how
b) who
c) hoe
d) what

_______________ do we go to lunch?
a) when
b) wean
c) what
d) can

How many ____________ are on the spelling test?
a) words
b) weards
c) what
d) weres

_____________ do you like? Vanilla or chocolate?
a) which
b) witch
c) who
d) how

Who is the gift _______.
a) for
b) fore
c) four
d) how

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