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Which of these elements has chemical properties most similar to oxygen?
a) Nitrogen
b) Potassium
c) Sulfur
d) Kotchavarium

On the periodic table, the elements in each column, or group have....
a) been divided into representative elements and transition elements.
b) similar chemical and physical properties.
c) a solid structure at room temperature.
d) the same atomic number, but different atomic mass.

Which of the following elements has the largest atomic number within two energy levels?
a) Argon
b) Lithium
c) Neon
d) Sodium

In which group would you find the least reactive elements?
a) Group 1
b) Group 13
c) Group 15
d) Group 18

Which of the following compounds contains a total of 5 atoms?
a) Methane CH4
b) Glucose C6H12O6
c) Ammonia NH3
d) Water H2O

A subscript in a chemical formula tells you....
a) how many total atoms of all kinds are in the compound.
b) how many different atoms there are in the compound.
c) how many atoms of a specific element are in the compound
d) what the symbol for a specific element is.

How many Hydrongen (H) atoms are in water (H2O)?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

A student observes some sugar as it is heated and burns. Which of the following observations would lead to the conclusion that a chemical reaction has taken place?
a) Heat is added to the sugar crystals
b) The sugar melts and becomes a liquid.
c) The temperature of the sugar increases.
d) Gas is produced and sugar turns black.

An American Starburst firework gives off red, white, and blue light. How did the fireworks manufacturer get the firework to produce three different colors of light?
a) The same chemical burned at three different temperatures.
b) There were three different chemicals burned in the explosion.
c) The same chemical burned at three different heights.
d) The chemicals in the rocket were red, white, blue.

The green color in an unripe banana comes from chlorophyll. As the banana ripens, the chlorophyll breaks down and reveals a yellow color. What evidence suggests a chemical reaction has occurred?
a) The formation of a solid.
b) The color changed.
c) The formation of light.
d) The change in odor.

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