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Two equal forces act at the same time on the same stationary object but in opposite directions. Which statement describes the object's motion?
a) The object remains stationary.
b) The object changes direction.
c) The object accelerates.
d) The object moves at a constant speed.

A 45kg object has an acceleration of 10 m/sec2. What force is required to achieve this acceleration?
a) 400 N
b) 550 N
c) 500 N
d) 450N

A car moves along a road that has markers every kilometer. Over time, the car passes the markers in shorter periods of time. Which statement best describes the motion of the car?
a) The car is keeping the same direction.
b) The car is maintaining the same speed.
c) The car is increasing its speed.
d) The car is changing its direction.

Two football linemen push against each other in practice. They do not move, but then lineman B moves forward and lineman A moves backward. Why does this happen?
a) When the lineman push on each other, they cause action-reaction forces that are unequal.
b) Lineman A pushes with a greater force, causing a net force that acts in his direction.
c) Because the lineman push in different directions, the net force is zero.
d) The forces are balanced, but then line B exerts a greater force, causing unbalanced forces.

A student pushes against a tree with a force of 10 newtons (N). The tree does not move. What is the amount of force exerted by the tree on the student?
a) 0N
b) 5N
c) 10N
d) 20N

An airplane is cruising at a speed of 120 knots toward the east and then curves south. The airplane has changes its what?
a) Velocity
b) Mass
c) Speed
d) Acceleration

The driver of a pickup truck is traveling north at 20m/sec and suddenly stops. In which direction will a suitcase lying in the back of the truck move?
a) Toward the front.
b) Toward the back.
c) To the left.
d) To the right.

What causes objects to move?
a) Balanced forces
b) Unbalanced forces
c) Velocity
d) Acceleration

Choose the answer below that correctly describes velocity.
a) South
b) 35mph
c) Northwest
d) Southeast at 40mph

Which of the below statements is not an example of acceleration?
a) A bike slowing down as it crosses the street.
b) A parked car.
c) A car increasing speed as it passes another car.
d) A truck slowing down as it turns a corner.

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