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Breathing heavily after running a race is your body's way of
a) making more citric acid
b) repaying an oxygen debt
c) restarting glycolysis
d) recharging electron transport chain

A person finds new info that conflicts with previous findings. What would a scientist do in this situation?
a) ignore the info
b) argue against the info
c) evaluate new info
d) keep it to himself

Which organelle would you expect to find in plant cells but not animal cells?
a) mitochondria
b) ribosome
c) chloroplast
d) smooth ER

Gametes are produced by the process of
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) crossing over
d) replication

An animal cell surrounded by fresh water would
a) burst
b) shrink
c) do nothing
d) expel water

Cancer is a disorder in which some cells have lost the ability to control
a) size
b) spindle fibers
c) growth rate
d) surface area

What is cancer caused by?
a) mutation
b) immune system failure
c) cell membrane damage
d) metabolic poisoning

The rain is Spain has a pH of 4.22, this is
a) basic
b) neutral
c) acidic
d) only when if falls mainly on the plain

Lactic acid fermentation occurs in
a) bread dough
b) beer production
c) mulscle cells
d) mitochondria

The purpose of gene therapy is to
a) cure genetic disorders
b) determine gene sequence
c) remove mutations from genes
d) change recessive alleles to dominant

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