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The correct posture while keyboarding should be
a) Sit up straight
b) To the side
c) Typing like a T-rex
d) Legs crossed or stretched out

The correct key-stroking technique to use is
a) Slow, Deliberate Strokes
b) Slow, down motion
c) Quick Snappy
d) Any comfortable strokes

The best method of keying a document is
a) Striking Method
b) Hunt and Peck
c) Touch Method
d) Testing Method

The right shift key is pressed by the:
a) Right Ring Finger
b) Left Ring Finger
c) Right Pinky
d) Left Pinky

The proper home row placement for your right hand is:
a) jkl;
c) asdf
d) lmnop

Why is proper technique used when keying?
a) To be comfortable
b) To prevent errors
c) To key slower
d) To prevent injuries

The proper home row placement for your left hand is:
a) jkl;
b) qwerty
c) asdf
d) lmnop

After touching enter, the proper technique would be to:
a) Keep finger on enter key
b) Return finger to semicolon
c) Return hand to function keys
d) Return hand to home row

When keying a document, how should the fingers be positioned on keyboarding?
a) Curved
b) Flat
c) Rigid
d) Straight

The correct posture while keyboarding should be
a) To the side
b) Feet flat on the floor
c) Typing like a T-rex
d) Fingers are stretched out

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