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After the French and Indian War?
a) the colonists felt more united than ever with Britain.
b) the colonists lived in peace with the Native Americans
c) the British refused to tax the colonies
d) the colonists began to see themselves as separate from Britian

Why did the colonest resent the Stamp Act?
a) They did not want to quarter British Troops
b) They did not want to petition the British parliament
c) They wanted Britain to pass the Declaratory Act.
d) They did not think Britain should have the right to tax them

What was the shot heard around the world?
a) the first shot fired at the Boston Tea Party
b) the first shot of the American Revolution
c) the first organized meeting of the colonial militia
d) the shot that concluded the first meeting of the minutemen

Which of these was a result of the Second Continental Congress?
a) The drafting of a treaty with France
b) the declaration of peace with Britain
c) the formation of the Continental Army
d) the formation of a Loyalist government

The Proclamation of 1763 declared that
a) Native Americans had to remain east of the Appalachians
b) colonial settlers had to remain east of the Appalachians
c) the French had to obtain British citizenship
d) the French were responsible for settling the Appalachians

What did the Olive Branch Petition state?
a) that the colonist were loyal to the king
b) that the colnies were in open rebellion
c) that the colnist were ready to die reemen rather than to live as slaves
d) that the colonies were loyal to George Washington

What was the purpose of the Committees of Correspondence?
a) to keep the British informed of colonists' actions
b) to keep colonists informed of British actions
c) to maintain support for British rule
d) to protest the Stamp Act

What did the 1767 Townshend Acts specify?
a) the Britain would not tax products brought into the colonies
b) that the colonists must set up liberty poles
c) that Britain would tax only imports into the colonies
d) that Britain would charge export duties

The first step that the Second Continental Congress took in preparation for war was
a) printing paper money
b) forming a navy
c) electing a commander
d) forming an army

Colonists resented the Tea Act because
a) it established a british monopoly on tea.
b) it lowered the price of tea
c) it increased the price of tea
d) if forced tea to be shipped from India to Britain

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