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What did the New England Colonies have in common?
a) long hot summers and mild winters
b) broad rivers, swamps and wetlands
c) broad coastal plains with fertile soil
d) harsh winters and rocky hilly land

The people who settled in the Middle Colonies represented
a) many countires and cultures.
b) debtors from England.
c) Pilgrims and Puritans.
d) Africans escaping slavery.

What feature made the Southern Colonies unique?
a) shipbuilding centers
b) large plantations
c) town meetings
d) Quaker commities

The Mayflower Compact, the Fundamental Orders, and town meetings all showed the determination of colonies to
a) build societies based on religious freedom.
b) stop indentured servants from coming to America.
c) govern themselves and solve thier own problems.
d) solve conflicts with Native Americans peacefully.

Virginians replaced indentured servants with African slaves for all of these reasons EXCEPT
a) Slaves were cheaper to buy than indentured servants.
b) Africans were hard workers and used to farming.
c) Slaves did not gain thier freedom after a few years.
d) Africans' dark skin made it harder for them to escape to freedom.

In most colonies, laws were made by
a) church leaders.
b) an elected assembly.
c) the king's governor.
d) large landowners

Which generalization best sums up the founding of the English colonies?
a) The English colonies were founded by Puritans, Quakers, and Catholics who wanted to place to worship in peace.
b) The English colonies were founded to provide a new start to poor people throughout Europe.
c) The English colonies were founded by business people who planned to make money by selling land to settlers.
d) The English colonies were founded by people with different goals ranging from making money to following their faith.

Which of the following colonies was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans?
a) Connecticut
b) Massachusetts
c) New Hampshire
d) Rhode Island

Massachusetts was founded to be a
a) model of democratic government.
b) refuge for debtors and poor people.
c) moneymaking business venture.
d) safe place for Puritans to worship.

Which Middle Colony was founded to be a safe place for Quakers to worship?
a) Deleware
b) New Jersey
c) New York
d) Pennsylvania

The Southern Colony of Georgia was founded to be a
a) community based on the Bible.
b) refuge for debtors and poor people.
c) moneymaking business venture.
d) safe place for Jews to worship.

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