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Organisms that have two identical allele for a particular trait are said to be
a) hybrid.
b) homozygous.
c) heterozygous.
d) dominant.

In humans, a male has
a) one X chromosomes only.
b) two X chromosomes.
c) one X chromosome and one Y chromosome.
d) two Y chromosomes.

Genes contain instructions for assembling
a) purines
b) nucleosomes.
c) proteins.
d) pyrimidines.

What results from the removal of a phosphate group from ATP?
a) the production of mehanical energy.
b) the release of energy.
c) the creation of energy.
d) the absorption of energy by chlorophyll.

The offspring of the cross-fertilization of pea plants with purple flowers and pea plants with white flowers are called
a) gametes.
b) hybrids.
c) pure breeds.
d) recessive breeds.

In eukaryotes, electron transport occurs in the
a) mitochondria.
b) chloroplasts.
c) cell membrane.
d) cytoplam

The process of DNA fingerprinting is based on the fact that.
a) the most important genes are different among most people.
b) no two people, except identical twins, have exactly the same DNA.
c) most genes are dominant.
d) most people have DNA that contains repeats.

A punnett sqaure shows all of the following EXCEPT
a) all possible results of a genetic cross.
b) the genotypes of the offspring.
c) the alleles in the gametes of each parent;
d) the actual results of a genetic cross.

During photosynthesis light energy is converted to the energy in chemical bonds. What also happens according to the predictins of the second law of thermodynamics?
a) chemical energy is converted to light energy.
b) matter is lost in the process
c) heat is released in the process
d) the light and chemical energy are equal

How many codons are needed to specify three amino acids?
a) 3
b) 6
c) 9
d) 12

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