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Schist is an example of a __________ rock.
a) igneous
b) sedimentary
c) nonfoliated
d) metamorphic

Which rock formed from Sandstone when it was exposed to heat and pressure?
a) Gneiss
b) Shale
c) Quartzite
d) Limestone

Gneiss is an example of a ________________ metamorphic rock because its grains are arrange in parallel layers.
a) intrusive
b) extrusive
c) nonfoliated
d) foliated

Shale is a sedimentary rock that becomes a ______________ rock called slate when it is changed by heat and pressure.
a) igneous
b) sedimentary
c) metamorphic
d) intrusive

Metamorphic rocks such as marble and quartzite are said to be _______ because their mineral grains are not arrange in parallel layers or bands.
a) foliated
b) nonfoliated
c) clastic
d) intrusive

Foliate and Nonfoliated are terms used to describe the texture of _____________ rocks
a) igneous
b) chemical
c) sedimentary
d) metamophic

Metamorphic rocks that are nonfoliated
a) split into layers
b) do not split into layers
c) have mineral grains lined up in parallel layers
d) usually have a rougher texture

The texture of metamorphic rock that has grains arrange in parallel layers is described as
a) foliated
b) jagged grains
c) coarse grained
d) nonfoliated

Heat and pressure deep beneath Earth's surface can change any rock into a
a) chemical rock
b) gemstone
c) metamorphic rock
d) sedimentary rock

Which rock is used to make statues or chess pieces?
a) marble
b) slate
c) sandstone
d) quartzite

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