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Find the difference of 26 and 22.48
a) 3.52
b) 22.22
c) 48.48
d) 4.48

Mrs. Randall's car can travel 28.45 miles with one gallon of gasoline. The tank can hold 11.5 gallons. How many miles can her car travel on a full tank of gas?
a) 327.175 miles
b) 3,271.75 miles
c) 71.125 miles
d) 711.25 miles

The grocery store is selling bananas for $0.35 per pound. How much will Zack pay for 3.6 lbs. of bananas?
a) $1.26
b) $3.95
c) $12.60
d) $39.50

The dimensions of a rug are 75.25 in by 60 in. What is the area of the rug?
a) 4,515.00 square inches
b) 45.1500 square inches
c) 270.50 square inches
d) 2,705 square inches

Trevor wants to buy a jersey of his favorite team. The jersey is 15% off of the original price. If the original price is $45, what is the amount he will save?
a) $6.75
b) $15.00
c) $38.25
d) $4.50

If Trevor saves $6.75 on a $45 jersey, what is the sale price?
a) $38.25
b) $6.75
c) $6.30
d) $39.25

If I pay $28.25 for a new pair of sunglasses with two twenties, how much change will I receive?
a) $11.75
b) $8.75
c) $12.75
d) $11.25

Three friends are dividing the cost of a restaurant check equally. The bill is $27.75. How much will each person pay?
a) $9.25
b) $9.21
c) $14.00
d) $10.25

Find the product of 26.8 and 2.4.
a) 64.32
b) 643.2
c) 29.2
d) 28.2

Elena and Colin are sharing the cost of a digital camera. The camera costs $88.50. If Elena saved $50 to buy the camera, how much does she have left after paying her share of the cost?
a) $5.75
b) $44.25
c) $6.75
d) $6.25

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