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Some rocks look different than others because _______.
a) density
b) process of formation
c) different minerals
d) both 2 and 3

___________ is how much matter is in an object.
a) temperature
b) density
c) mass
d) volume

Erosion is when sediments are _________.
a) compaction
b) moved
c) gravity
d) rained

the hardest mineral on Earth is ________.
a) talc
b) gold
c) iron
d) diamond

Igneous rocks are formed from the cooling of _____ and ______.
a) dirt and soil
b) bugs and skin
c) magma and lava
d) oatmeal and raisins

_________ is how shiny or dull a mineral is.
a) luster
b) cleavage
c) fracture
d) hardness

Sedimentary rocks are formed from the _____ and _____ of sediments.
a) breaks and splintering
b) heat and pressure
c) cementation and compaction
d) holding and polishing

Granite is called an ________ Igneous rock because it cools off underground.
a) water
b) intrusive
c) extrusive
d) erosion

Metamorphic rocks are formed by intense ______ and ______.
a) holding and polishing
b) cementation and compaction
c) heat and pressure
d) magma and lava

Scientist classify rocks by their process of ______.
a) melted
b) formation
c) colored
d) luster

Rocks are a composition of ___________.
a) air
b) mixtures
c) minerals
d) solids

______ occures when sediments are dropped off after erosion.
a) mineral
b) deposition
c) weathering
d) erosion

______ is how closely packed particles are inside of something.
a) mass
b) exfoliation
c) volume
d) density

Pyrite is a mineral that is commonly known as _______.
a) fools gold
b) mercury
c) granite
d) lead

Often the ______ of a mineral is different thatn the color you see.
a) luster
b) color
c) streak
d) hardness

Quartzite was metamorphosed from ________.
a) Shale
b) Marble
c) Sandstone
d) Granite

Slate was metamorphosed from ________.
a) Shale
b) Marble
c) Sandstone
d) Granite

Gneiss was metamorphosed from ________.
a) Shale
b) Marble
c) Sandstone
d) Granite

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