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Which communist country was the leader of the military alliance called the Warsaw Pact?
a) Soviet Union
b) United States
c) France
d) Poland

What city was divided by a wall after World War II?
a) London
b) Berlin
c) Paris
d) Warsaw

What people were persecuted during the Holocaust?
a) Muslims
b) Christians
c) Jews
d) Hindus

What was the name of Adolf Hitler's political party?
a) Communist Party
b) Aryan Party
c) Dictator Party
d) Nazi Party

What two countries became Superpowers after World War II?
a) Great Britain and France
b) Germany and Japan
c) United States and Soviet Union
d) Mexico and Canada

What was the planned killing of the Jews by Hitler?
a) Holocaust
b) Genocide
c) Extermination
d) Assassination

How many Jews were killed by Hiter during the Holocaust?
a) 11 Million
b) 6 Milion
c) 600,00
d) 1,000

What country was created by the United Nations as a new home for the Jews after World War II?
a) Israel
b) Germany
c) Poland
d) France

What does NATO stand for?
a) National Alabama Trade Organization
b) New Africa Trade Organizaton
c) Newfoundland Asia Treaty Organizaton
d) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

What is the planned killing of a race of people?
a) Holocaust
b) assassination
c) genocide
d) cancer

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