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Igneous rocks that formed from lava that erupted onto Earth's surface is called
a) extrusive rock
b) intrusive rock
c) clastic rock
d) sedimentary rock

The most abundant intrusive rock in the continental crust is
a) slate
b) granite
c) flint
d) quartzite

Why do intrusive rocks have a rough texture?
a) Intrusive rocks have big crystals.
b) Intrusive rocks form quickly.
c) Intrusive rocks form from magma.
d) Intrusive rocks contain lots of silica.

The most abundant extrusive rock on the oceanic crust is
a) basalt
b) granite
c) flint
d) slate

An igneous rock that is formed from lava is called a(n) _________ rock.
a) intrusive rock
b) foliated rock
c) extrusive rock
d) coarse grained rock

An igneous rock that is formed when magma hardens below Earth's surface is called
a) foliated rock
b) fine grained rock
c) intrusive rock
d) extrusive rock

________________ is a material that formed from oxygen and silicon.
a) Silica
b) Basalt
c) Coquina
d) Coal

If an igneous rock is light colored, it probably contains a lot of ____________.
a) magnesium
b) calcium
c) aluminum
d) silica

A(n) _______________ rock forms from the cooling of magma or lava.
a) Sedimentary
b) Igneous
c) Metamorphic
d) Foliated

The texture of obsidian is __________.
a) coarse grained
b) fine grained
c) glassy
d) foliated

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