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what tag begins and ends the entire html code?
a) html
b) p
c) b
d) h1

the html code of a page consists of two parts: the _______ and the __________
a) head, body
b) header, footer
c) tag, element
d) div, bread crumb trail

which of the following are elements that are separated from the flow of the content in a webpage and usually appear by themselves
a) block elements
b) inline elements
c) tag elements
d) paragraph elements

even simple programs like Wordpad may be used to write code
a) true
b) false
c) snickers ice cream bar
d) oreo cheesecake

multiple tags can appear in one line of code
a) true
b) false
c) baconator
d) big mac

an ending tag is identified by what?
a) /
b) .
c) ,
d) angle bracket

tags must always have an ending tag
a) false
b) true
c) take a hike
d) i hate this class

tags are usually enclosed in ...
a) angle brackets
b) parenthesis
c) quotation marks
d) periods

html code is composed of ________ which are composed of ________
a) elements, tags
b) tags, codes
c) codes, attributes
d) effects, attributes

which is bigger? h1 or h6
a) h1
b) H6
c) a
d) a

p.center is coded to make paragraphs centered on a web page, what is p.center?
a) a class selector
b) an element
c) an attribute
d) an id selector

html is good for adding content, but it is unable to add pictures and hyperlinks
a) false
b) true
c) spicy chicken sandwich from wendys
d) filet mignon

which of the following is the correct tag to insert an image via html ( = angle bracket
a) (img source
b) (pic type
c) (image location
d) (name of picture

what is the alt command used for when inserting a picture?
a) give info about pic in case it won't load
b) provide citation info about pic
c) specifies dimensions of pic
d) reveals alterior motives of pic

what is critical if including pics in your html code?
a) save in folder with website
b) choose images that are .tif
c) make sure original pic is not too big
d) always attach a css file to format pic

when coding a hyperlink in html, which is surrounded by quotation marks?
a) the url
b) the text or pic the reader clicks on
c) the tag
d) a href

only text can be used as a hyperlink
a) false
b) true
c) stuffed crust pineapple pepperoni pizza
d) fajitas from abuelos

which does a better job of creating styles?
a) css
b) W3C
c) html
d) elements

which comes first in order of importance for CSS?
a) inline style ( included inside an element)
b) internal style sheet (inside the head tag)
c) external style sheet
d) browser default

body, color: red. Which one is the selector?
a) body
b) color
c) red
d) :

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