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In a test cross, if one parent's genotype is homozygous dominant,
a) all of the offspring will have the dominant phenotype.
b) 3/4 of the offspring will have the dominant phenotype.
c) 1/2 of the offspring will have the dominnt phenotype.
d) 1/4 of the offspring will have the dominant phenotype.

Unlike mitosis, meiosis results in the formation of
a) diploid cells.
b) haploid cells.
c) 2N daughter cells.
d) body cells.

Which is the negatively charged particle located outside the nucleus of an atom?
a) electron.
b) neutron.
c) silicon.
d) proton.

DNA is copied during a process called
a) replication.
b) translation.
c) transcription.
d) transformation.

When enough experimental data support a hypothesis, the hypothesis becomes a(an)
a) fact.
b) theory.
c) interference.
d) conclusion.

A microscope with a 4x objective lens and a 10x ocular lens produces a total magnification of
a) 14x
b) 4000x
c) 400x
d) 40x

RNA contains the sugar
a) ribose.
b) lactose.
c) glucose.
d) deoxyribose.

When during the cell cycle is a cell's DNA replicated?
a) G1 phase.
b) G2 phase.
c) S phase.
d) M phase.

Which series is arranged in order from largest to smallest in size?
a) chromosomes, nucleus,cell, DNA, nucleotide.
b) cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nucleotide.
c) nucleotide, chromosome, cell, DNA, nucleus.
d) cell, nucleotide, nucleus, DNA, chromosomes.

The principle of dominance states that
a) all alleles are dominant.
b) all alleles are recessive.
c) some alleles are dominant and others are recessive.
d) alleles are neither dominant nor recessive.

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