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The World War II alliance between Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, and the United States.
a) Allied Powers
b) Axis Powers
c) Central Powers

Country that Hitler invaded in 1939 that caused France and Great Britain to declare war.
a) Russia
b) Poland
c) Italy
d) Brazil

Leaders of Germany and Italy during World War II.
a) Stalin and Churchill
b) Nicholas and Roosevelt
c) Hitler and Mussolini
d) Mussoline and Churchill

Which country was NOT a member of the Axis Powers during World War II?
a) Germany
b) Italy
c) Japan
d) Great Britain

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by which Axis Power bringing the United States into World War II?
a) Japan
b) Germany
c) Italy
d) Mexico

What did the United States do that ended World War II?
a) Assassinated Adolf Hitler.
b) Dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
c) Freed France during the D-Day invasion.
d) Helped Great Britain win the Battle of Britain.

Which of the following was NOT discussed at the Yalta Conference?
a) The dividing up of Germany.
b) The formation of the United Nations.
c) Who would control Poland.
d) Treaty of Versailles

Which country did NOT help rebuild Germany after World War II?
a) United States
b) Great Britain
c) Japan
d) France

This imaginary line separated Communist Eastern Europe from democratic Western Europe.
a) The Iron Curtain
c) The Soviet Wall
d) Warsaw Pact

This alliance after World War II included the United States and opposed communism.
a) the Warsaw Pact
b) Axis Powers
c) NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
d) Allied Powers

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