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The most easily remembered dreams happen in which sleep state?
a) Incubus Attacks
b) Twilight State
c) Stage 4
d) REM

Psychoactive drugs are classified as substances that change what behaviors?
a) Cognition
b) Emotions
c) Mood
d) All of the factors

Psychological dependency during substance abuse is perhaps the most difficult mental challenge for someon addicted. But commonly people focus on what physical aspect of rehabilitation?
a) Withdraw
b) Persistance
c) Maladaptiveness
d) Addiction

Hypnosis is basically a process that puts people into a state of what?
a) Relaxation
b) Coma
c) Sleep
d) Stress

Cycles based on about 24hrs because of light and dark contrasts are considered to be what?
a) Chronobiological
b) Circadian
c) Maladaptive
d) Hadraic

The deepest stage of sleep is measured by which brain wave activity?
a) Alpha
b) Beta
c) Delta
d) Theta

Restful sleep is known to have which benefits to waking life except?
a) Consolodated Memory
b) Strengthened Immune Systems
c) Reset Serotonin levels
d) No exceptions, all are benefits

Identify Freud's Map of the Mind
a) Anime, Animus, Ego
b) Extrovert, Introvert, Melancholy
c) ID, Ego, Superego
d) Congruence, Regard, Genuiness

Much of conscious experience is based on our ability to focus and have...?....
a) Attention
b) Reciprocation
c) Empathy
d) Turbidity

Identify one of the greatest advantages for someone practicing meditation.
a) It is self-induced.
b) It takes little athletic/physical effort.
c) Its benefits are time effective.
d) All are advantages

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