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The 1920's shifted from admiring heros to admiring what popular icons?
a) Purists
b) Celebrities
c) Villians
d) Underdogs

One of the most popular novels written during the 1920's was the decade's greatest critic. It highlighted the undermining faults and shallowness of the 1920's. What was the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous book?
a) Great Expectations
b) Brave New World
c) The Great Gatsby
d) The Life of Pi

The 18th Amendment was a failure, ultimately being repealed by the 21st Amendment in 1933. What movement was behind the 18th's support?
a) Nativists
b) Prohibitionists
c) Horticulturists
d) Abolitionists

Where did distinct and new forms of music, art, and literature emerge in the 1920's?
a) Hoboken NJ
b) San Franciso CA
c) Bethlehem PA
d) Harlem NY

Generally, what policies and laws did Presidents endorse as goals of the US during the 1920's?
a) Economic Prosperity
b) Child Labor Laws
c) Desegregation
d) Increased Military Budgets

Which infamous court case highlighted the conflict between science and religion in Tenn?
a) Abrams v. US
b) Scopes Trial
c) Sacco-Vanzetti Trial
d) Plessy v. Furgeson

America's foreign policy in the 1920's can generally be described as what?
a) Progressive
b) Isolationist
c) Militaristic
d) Imperialist

Who was the legendary aviator who made the first successful flight across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop?
a) Howard Hughes
b) Ameilia Earhart
c) Charles Lindbergh
d) Manfrid Von Richthoven

Identify a major factor contributing to the growth of urban populations during the 1920s.
a) Increased segregation
b) Better employment opportunities
c) Increased technological advancements
d) All of the factors

What were young, energetic, and independent women of the 1920's were nicknamed?
a) Flappers
b) Widows
c) Empresses
d) Dobbers

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