Conservation Of Resources Question Preview (ID: 16698)

MS8.4d Researching The Importance Of Conservation Of Renew/nonrenewable Resources.

Precipitation that is more acidic than normal because of air pollution is called
a) Smog.
b) Acid rain.
c) Ozone.
d) Emissions.

Which of the following is considered a renewable resource?
a) iron
b) sunlight
c) oil
d) coal

The contamination of Earth's land, water, or air is called
a) A renewable resource.
b) A non-renewable resource.
c) Extinction.
d) Pollution.

In the last few centuries, the number of species becoming extinct on Earth has
a) Decreased dramatically.
b) Increased dramatically.
c) Decreased slightly.
d) Increased slightly.

Which of the following is considered a non-renewable resource?
a) Sunlight
b) Corn
c) Coal
d) Trees

Which of the following is considered to be Earth's natural resources?
a) Air
b) Fresh water
c) Soil
d) All of the above

Petroleum is an energy source that is also known as
a) Coal
b) Wood
c) Oil
d) Petrochemical

Earth's resources that cannot be replaced as they are used are called
a) Non-renewable.
b) Renewable.
c) Expendable.
d) Recyclable.

Fossil fuels are examples of
a) Renewable resources.
b) Non-renewable resources.
c) Electricity.
d) Gasoline.

Resources that can be replaced naturally in a relatively short period of time are called
a) Renewable.
b) Non-renewable.
c) Recyclable.
d) Natural.

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