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Which of the following is not listed under banking safety.
a) Go for scams, they will earn you money
b) Be aware of scams.
c) Use ATMs with caution
d) never share your online password or user name

Criminals use an online scam called _____________ to try to get your private baning information
a) phishing
b) phone book
c) interest
d) bank

You should shop for a bank that charges the lowest
a) fees
b) branches
c) phishing
d) interest

Most bank have offices, or ____________, in other cities
a) branches
b) birds
c) cash
d) money

Jayne writes about 15 checks per months. What would her monthly fee be if she opened a Starter checking Account: 5 free checks per month, then $0.75 for each additional check; $3.00 monthly service charge.
a) $10.50
b) $13.00
c) $12.00
d) $11.50

You can use a ATM to
a) get cash
b) earn interest
c) save money
d) deposit money

Jayne writes about 15 checks per months. What would her montly bee fee if she opened a Regular Checking Account: No fee for checks; and $7.50 monthly service charge.
a) $7.50
b) $5.50
c) $6.50
d) $2.50

It's usually easier to get a loan if you
a) already have a bank account
b) want to pay high bank fees
c) pay cash for everything
d) Use credit cards without thinking

A good reason for putting your money in the bank is to
a) keep it safe
b) spend it faster
c) tie it up
d) give it away

Which of the following is what you look for in a bank
b) what the building looks like
c) what kind of cars are parked in the lot
d) how tellers dress

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