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In the early days of the Roman Republic, plebeians...
a) Were usually senators
b) Owned land
c) Could only be elected as consuls
d) Could not hold office or be senators

A personin the ancient Roman Republic appointed to rule for 6 months in times of an emergency, with all the powers of a king
a) Consul
b) Senator
c) Dictator
d) Patrician

Which of the following describes all roads in Roman times?
a) They were all toll roads
b) They led to Rome
c) They were made from concrete
d) They were for the use of the military only

In the Roman republic what happened if the republic faced an emergency?
a) They appointed a dictator
b) All citizens voted
c) A third consul was appointed
d) The senate made the final decisions

Which of the following is a key feature of a republican government?
a) Rule by king
b) Polytheism
c) Dictatorship
d) Elected officials

Which two months in our common calendar are named after the two most famous Roman emperors?
a) January and Marcy
b) July and August
c) July and November
d) April and June

Which of the following geographic features were not an advantage to the city of Rome.
a) Mountains
b) Fertile soil
c) The river Tiber
d) A fresh water lake

If you were a consul and did not like a proposed action from the other consul, what could you do about it?
a) Veto it
b) Nothing
c) Start a war
d) Ask the senate to vote on it

How does a Republic benefit it's citizens?
a) Republics are ruled by powerful kings that keep peace and order
b) Republics allow their citizens to elect their leaders.
c) Republics are a form of direct democracy
d) Republics allow their citizens to do whatever they want with no laws or rules

What was the importance of posting the 12 tables, the formation of the peoples' assembly to elect tribunes, and forcing one consul to be Plebeian?
a) These events shifted power in the government and gave the ordinary people of Rome more rights.
b) These events helped lead to the creation of the Roman Empire.
c) These events took all power away from the Patricians and gave it to the Plebeians.
d) These events took all the power away from the Plebeians and put all the power in the hands of a dictator.

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