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The three major fossil fuels are coal oil, and
a) water
b) natural gas
c) uranium
d) electricity

Most of Earth's water (about 97%) is
a) fresh water in lakes and rivers
b) salt water in oceans
c) in the form of ice and snow
d) in the clouds

One group of gases that is responsible for destroying ozone in the ozone layer is
a) car exhaust fumes
b) CFCs
c) nitrogen and sulfur oxide
d) carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

The ozone layer protects people from which of the following?
a) too much ultraviolet radiation
b) carbon monoxide poisoning
c) the effects of radon
d) allergies

Energy conservation means
a) slowing down a chemical
b) burning a fuel to release energy
c) using fossil fuels to produce electricity
d) reducing energy use

Most water pollution is the result of
a) human activities
b) volcanic eruptions
c) storms
d) drought

Which of the following is an advantage of solar energy?
a) it will not run out of billions of years
b) it is not availiable at night
c) No backup energy sources are needed
d) It must be collected from a huge area

Fossils fuels are considered nonrenewable resources because they
a) burn up so quickly
b) are in such a high demand
c) take hundreds of millions of years to form
d) pollute the air

Which is the result of using fossil fuels more quickly than they formed?
a) The reserves will eventually be used up
b) Th reserves will be refilled more quickly
c) The reserves will not be effected
d) The price of fossil fuels will fall

Which of the following is an example of of energy conservation
a) driving a car alone in the city at rush hour
b) leaving lights on whenever you leave a room
c) recycling aluminum soda cans
d) leaving your home uninsulated

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