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A curved structure used as a support over an open space.
a) Arch
b) Aqueduct
c) Patrician
d) Consul

An ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic
a) Plebeian
b) Patrician
c) Consul
d) Dictator

Which of the following describes the Etruscan kings of Rome
a) They were all-powerful
b) They were the subject of Etruscan historical records.
c) They were only allowed to rule for one year
d) They were elected by the people

A form of government where citizens elect (vote) on their leaders
a) Direct Democracy
b) Republic
c) Monarchy
d) Oligarchy

A roman technological advancement that brought water into the city.
a) Arch
b) Aqueduct
c) Colosseum
d) Consul

Caesar's death and his adopted son's victory marked...
a) The end of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Roman Republic
b) The end of the Republic and the beginning of the Empire
c) The last time a leaders son took power
d) The last public elections in Rome

The role of the senate in the ancient Roman Republic was to...
a) be sure that the consuls followed the laws
b) accept or reject the decisions of the consuls
c) collect taxes and manage the large estates outside of the city
d) propose and vote on laws.

Which of the following was not a branch of the Roman Government?
a) The Senate
b) The consuls
c) The assembly
d) The President

What happened in the Roman city of Pompeii?
a) A large flood drowned the city
b) A volcanic eruption covered the city
c) A civil war was fought there
d) It became the capital city of Rome

Which choice best describes the Roman Empire?
a) A dictatorship bun by an emperor
b) A monarchy run by a king
c) A republic run by elected representatives
d) A direct democracy

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