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Test Covering Fossils, Geologic Time, And Adaptations.

Humans first appeared during the ___________ Era.
a) Precambrian
b) Paleozoic
c) Mesozoic
d) Cenozoic

The longest division of time in Earth's history is known as __________.
a) Pangaea
b) Mesozoic
c) Triassic
d) Precambrian

The division of Earth's history into smaller units makes up the _______.
a) eras
b) geologic time scale
c) periods
d) sequence of events

Animal life in the Cenozoic Era includes ___________.
a) marine life
b) birds
c) mammals
d) all of the above

__________ on the geologic time scale are marked by major, striking, and worldwide changes in the type of fossils present.
a) Eras
b) Periods
c) Epochs
d) all of the above

Animal life in the Paleozoic Era included which of the following ?
a) marine life
b) birds
c) mammals
d) dinosaurs

Little is known about much of Earth's early history because ________.
a) Precambrian rocks have been deeply buried
b) Precambrian rocks have been changed by heat and pressure
c) Precambrian soft-bodied life-forms weren't often preserved as fossils
d) all of the above

Pangaea separated into ________.
a) two large landmasses
b) four continents
c) two southern landmasses
d) none of the above

Trilobites are index fossils because they _________.
a) changed slowly through time
b) lived over large areas of the world
c) exhibit specific characteristics
d) all of the above

Geologic time is divided into units based upon types of _________.
a) sedimentary rocks
b) climatic changes
c) organisms
d) igneous rocks

The longest subdivision in geologic time is a(n) ________.
a) epoch
b) period
c) century
d) eon

__________ existed during the Mesozoic Era.
a) Angiosperms
b) Humans
c) Birds
d) Both a and c

A life-form in the Precambrian time was __________.
a) cyanobacteria
b) humans
c) reptiles
d) dinosaurs

If a layer of sandstone lies on top of a layer of limestone in which a 300 million year old fossil is found, and there are no unconformities, the layer of sandstone must be ________.
a) older than 300 million years
b) younger than 300 million years
c) about 300 million years old
d) older than 600 million years

Rock layers are related if they both contain the same _________.
a) elements
b) shapes
c) fossils
d) type of rock

In a series of undisturbed rock layers where shale lies between sandstone below and limestone above, the ________.
a) limestone is youngest
b) shale is youngest
c) sandstone is youngest
d) beds are all the same age

Gaps in rock layers are called _________.
a) unconformities
b) index fossils
c) half-lives
d) none of the above

A limestone bed containing fossils that are 550 million years old is ______ a bed of sandstone containing fossils that are 400 million years old.
a) younger than
b) the same age as
c) older than
d) not related to

Determining the order of events and the relative age of rocks by examining the position of rocks in a sequence is called ______________.
a) absolute dating
b) radiometric dating
c) relative dating
d) radio carbon dating

If the same types of fossils are found in two separate rock layers, it's likely that the two rock layers ___________.
a) formed at different times
b) are part of one continuous deposit
c) formed under different conditions
d) none of the above

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