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What defines the value of a cell?
a) Data Type
b) Field Property
c) Field Name
d) Number

What defines the format of the data within the cell?
a) Text
b) Description
c) Data Type
d) Field Property

Why are data types important?
a) Helps to sort in ascending order
b) Helps to sort in descending order
c) Helps to control the data
d) Because the teacher said it is

Which is NOT an example of a Data Type?
a) Text
b) Wizard of Waverly Place
c) Number
d) Currency

Which is NOT an example of a Field Property?
a) Caption
b) Field Size
c) Format
d) Halloween Mask

When would you NOT set Field Properties?
a) To specify how the data is entered
b) When your keyboard won't type
c) To specify what data can be entered
d) To specify how the data with appear

Which is NOT a step in Creating a Database?
a) Enter the data
b) Save the database
c) Playing a game while the teacher is explaining how to create a database
d) Enter field names

What Data Type would you select for the field name GLASSES?
a) Whatever
b) Value
c) Text
d) Yes/No

What Data Type would you select for the field name ADDRESS?
a) Text
b) Number
c) Auto Number
d) IDK

What would you set the Data Type as for 12/25/13?
a) Holiday
b) Christmas
c) Value
d) Date/Time

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