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The seige of the Alamo took place during what era
a) revolutionary
b) texas
c) colonial
d) constitution

Texas was annexed by the US in what year?
a) 1900
b) 1845
c) 2013
d) 1865

The main purpose of the law of April 6 1830 was what?
a) make it illegal to bake cookies
b) bring in more food
c) keep out the Mexicans
d) stop US immigration to Texas

Who was the primary author of the Texas declaration of independence?
a) Elvia Sifuentes
b) Sam Houston
c) George Childress
d) Moses Austin

Who surrendered and was executed along with his soldiers at the Battle of Coleto Creek?
a) James Fannin
b) Josh Davis
c) Samuel Adams
d) Scooter DeWoody

Who was the leader of the Texas revolution?
a) Juan Seguin
b) Stephen F Austin
c) Justin Luecke
d) Sam Houston

What battle proved to the Texans the Mexican army could be defeated?
a) battle of Gonzales
b) battle of the Alamo
c) battle of MCH
d) battle of Waco

What defended Anglo settlements and delayed the Mexican army?
a) School
b) Old west church
c) Alamo
d) Nagochdoches town hall

The Texas constitution gave Texan freedom to live how they please, but what was permitted?
a) murder
b) slavery
c) theft
d) larceny

Who was the leader of the Texas annexation to the US?
a) Anson Jones
b) Peyton Wintin
c) Christina Mutambanengwe
d) Sam Houston

Where was the San Jacinto monument located?
a) coast of the Gulf of Mexico
b) north Texas
c) west Texas
d) Nacogdoches

In the republic of Texas, there was a lucrative trade route to where?
a) New Orleans
b) Denver
c) Santa Fe
d) Boston

Who was the only tejano in the Senate of the Republic?
a) Juan Seguin
b) Alex Flores
c) Kanye West
d) George Bush

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