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Fracture is
a) the tendency to break unevenly along curved or irregular surfaces.
b) the tendency to break along flat surfaces.
c) the resistance to being scratched.
d) the color in powdered form.

Silicate minerals
a) contain both silicon and nitrate.
b) contain both silicon and oxygen.
c) minerals that do not contain both silicon and oxygen.
d) make up 10% of all minerals.

What is a mineral formation that is created from teardrop shaped areas of magma?
a) magmatite
b) limestone
c) pegmatite
d) pluton

Which one of these questions is NOT used to tell if a substance is a mineral?
a) Is it found in nature?
b) Does it have a crystalline structure?
c) Is it inorganic?
d) Does it have luster?

The color of a mineral
a) is a more reliable than the streak of a mineral.
b) is a relilable indicator because color never changes.
c) is not a reliable indicator because weathering and impurities can change the color.
d) is shiny when it has a non metallic luster.

What is a mineral deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for a profit?
a) mine
b) ore
c) reclamation
d) paddle

What is NOT an example of a SPECIAL property of a mineral?
a) density
b) optical property
c) fluorescence.
d) magnetism

Halite has a __________________________ taste.
a) sweet
b) salty
c) bitter
d) spicy

The mineral that is ranked number 7 on the Mohs' Hardness Scale is
a) apatite
b) orthoclase/feldspar
c) topaz
d) quartz

Ore is mined two ways. Copper is mined near the surface of the Earth. This type of mining is called
a) ground mining
b) top mining
c) surface mining
d) deep mining

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