WWI Test Review - 2 Question Preview (ID: 16678)

WWI Test Review #2.

The following battle saw the Americans playing a key role in its success and the halting of the German advance?
a) Verdun
b) The Somme
c) Chateau-Thierry/Belleau Wood
d) Meuse Argonne

This armistice led to the pacifistic holiday which we call
a) Veterans Day
b) Memorial Day
c) Labor Day
d) Earth Day

An armistice was signed which ended W.W.1 on the following time and date of the year 1918
a) 11:00 November 11th
b) 7:00 July 7th
c) 11:00 September 6th
d) 12:00, December 12th

The most celebrated American hero of WWI was:
a) Woodrow Wilson
b) Alvin York
c) John J. Pershing
d) Manfred Von Richtofven

The German flying ace of WWI was:
a) Erich Remarque
b) Manfred Von Richtovfen
c) Gavrilo Princip
d) Kaiser Wilhelm

He was the general of the American Expeditionary Force:
a) Alvin York
b) John J. Pershing
c) Mel Gibson
d) Eddie Rickenbacker

He was the author of All Quiet On The Western Front:
a) George Cohen
b) Otto Von Bismark
c) Erich Maria Remarque
d) Kaiser Wilhelm

Which of the following was a reason that the United States entered the war:
a) The Sinking of the Lusitania
b) The Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
c) Our desire to be neutral
d) Our close cultural ties to Germany

The Treaty blamed the war entirely upon Germany and made them pay forcing them into a deep depression and gave rise to
a) Communism
b) Lasting Democratic Reform
c) Nazi Regime
d) Civil War

Another factor fueling the nations of Europe in hatred against each other was:
a) The rise of fascist dictators who used propaganda to sell reactionary ideas like Aryanism
b) Family rivalries between the European leaders
c) Conflicts that arose when African territories rebelled and declared their independence
d) Religious conflicts

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