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How much physical activity should you do per day?
a) 10 minutes
b) 60 minutes
c) 30 minutes
d) 90 minutes

What are the 5 food groups?
a) Vegetables, Milk, Cheese, Meat
b) Fruit, Vegetables, Rice, Milk, Cheese
c) Chicken, Fruit, Grain, Milk, Spinach
d) Fruit, Vegetables, Grain, Protein, Dairy

Which is NOT a grain?
a) fish
b) wheat bread
c) oatmeal
d) grits

What is a protein?
a) lettuce
b) rice
c) chicken
d) cookie

A Food Nutritional Label will NOT tell you the...?
a) serving size
b) calories
c) total fat
d) food group

Which is NOT an effect of childhood obesity?
a) High Blood Pressure
b) Asthma
c) Type-2 Diabetes
d) High self-esteem

Osteoporosis effects what part of your body?
a) Blood
b) Bones
c) Skin
d) Hair

What DON'T you need to build a healthy plate?
a) Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
b) Make at least half your grains whole
c) Foods high in fats, added sugars, and salt
d) Switch to skim or 1% milk

What is one of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans?
a) Eat the Right Amount of Calories for You
b) Eating Fats, Added Sugars and Salt
c) Do not be physically active
d) Drinking soda

What is the healthiest drink?
a) water
b) coke
c) milk
d) apple juice

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