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What is an empire?
a) Something that brings together many different peoples and lands under the control of one ruler.
b) a mini Kingdom
c) a complex village
d) A community that included a city and its nearby farmlands.

The person who rules an empire is called a(n) _________.
a) king
b) emporer
c) priest
d) scribe

Who is known as the creator of the first empire in world history?
a) Hammurabi
b) Ashurbanipal
c) Cyrus
d) Sargon of Akkad

This man was a powerful Amorite king who ruled the Babylonian Empire with a set of specific rules for people to obey.
a) Ashurbanipal
b) Sargon of Akkad
c) Hammurabi
d) Cyrus

Hammurabi believed that this would help to control the empire.
a) religion
b) prison system
c) Code of Law
d) technology

What basic ideas about the code of law did Hammurabi's Code set up?
a) The code established that the government would only protect the wealthy.
b) The code established the idea that the government should provide protection and justice for all.
c) The code established that women and children would not be protected under the law.
d) The code was based upon his religious beliefs.

What is justice?
a) an empire
b) something you earned if you were rich
c) a new religion
d) fair treatment of all people

Which empires gained control of the Fertile Crescent?
a) The Akkadian and the Babylonian
b) The Babylonian and Sumer
c) The Akkadian and Sumer
d) The Babylonian, Akkadian and Sumer

This is a set of written rules for people to obey
a) cuneiform
b) justice
c) code of law
d) rights

To bring fair treatment of people, to the people is called ________.
a) justice
b) punishment
c) humility
d) personal revenge

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